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Quick Books for Accounting


This program is designed for students who wish to learn accounting through Quickbooks. Quickbooks is one of the most popular software used for accounting in Canada. This program will help the students to gain knowledge about using Quickbooks for accounting and generating accounting related reports.
Job Opportunities

This program will help to prepare the students for Accounting related jobs like Accounting Clerk.

Program Admission Requirement

19 years of age
Program Duration

80 hours

Program Organization

Title of Modules # of Hours*
Getting Started with Quickbooks 2 hours
Creating a Company in Quickbooks 5 hours
Creating Accounts for Customer and Vendor 8 hours
Receivables 10 hours
Payables 10 hours
Payroll Accounting 10 hours
Inventory 10 hours
Closing entries and Trial Balance 8 hours
Generating Reports 12 hours
Bank Reconciliation 5 hours
Total Hours 80 hours

Fee Structure

Application Fee $ 100
Tuition Fee $ 250
Total $350

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