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Diploma in Business Management


Diploma in Business Management (DBM) program is designed to provide an understanding of the basic skills and techniques required to be effective in today’s business environment.  Upon graduation the students will have a solid grasp of the concepts and technical skills needed for their career path in business management.

Job Opportunities

Business Manager

Operations Manager

Office Administrator

Human Resource Assistant

Wages and Salaries

$46,000-$55,000 Annually

Program Admission Requirements

19 years of age or older; Grade 12/GED or equivalent; Success completion of admissions interview and entrance language assessments;

International students, for language proficiency, require IELTS at least 5.5 band or Canadian Language Benchmark Test level 6 or in house entrance language test with admission interview

Program Duration

960 Hours / 12 Months/ 52 Weeks

Course Outline

DBM 01 Financial Accounting Fundamentals 80
DBM 02 Management Fundamentals 80
DBM 03 Principles of Economics 80
DBM 04 Business Communication 80
DBM 05 Quantitative Methods for Business 80
DBM 06 Introduction to Business Finance 80
DBM 07 Business Law in Canada 80
DBM 08 Human Resource Management 80
DBM 09 Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada 80
DBM 10 Small Business Management 80
DBM 11 Principles of Marketing 80
DBM 12 Sales Management & E-Commerce 80
Total Duration :  960 hours

Fee Structure

1 Registration Fee $ 250 Domestic Students
2 Other Fee $ 200
3 Tuition Fee $ 9500
Total $ 9950
1 Registration Fee $ 250 International Students
2 Other Fee $ 200
3 Tuition Fee $ 15000
Total $ 15450



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