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CLB Test Preparation


Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test is a standardized English Assessment Test used to test Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills in English. This preparation course will be aimed at preparing the students to appear for the CLB Test and improve their score in all the four skills.

Career Opportunities
CLB Placement Test is a basic eligibility requirement for many educational programs. Even though there are no direct job opportunities relevant to this course, but this preparation program can make the students successful in achieving the desired level in the placement test to enter into any course of study/job opportunity, where that is an entry requirement
Admission Requirements
The student must be 19 years or older
Program Duration
80 hours (Full time 4 weeks, part time 8 weeks)
Fee Structure



Registration Fee

$ 100.00

2 Tuition Fee

$ 400.00


$ 500.00

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