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Diploma in Advanced Accounting


The Advanced Accounting program is designed with the objective of creating the comprehensive understanding of all the different areas of accounting and taxation. Students will learn the basics of accounting and related fields and will gradually move towards advanced and detailed topics.  They will learn how to prepare financial statements and how to interpret them, intermediate accounting, management accounting and accounts receivables and payables.

Job Opportunities

Internal Auditor

Staff Accountant

Budget Analyst

Accounting Clerk

Financial Accountant

Taxation Officer

Wages and Salaries

$45,000 – $65,000 Annually

Program Admission Requirements

19 years of age or older; Grade 12/GED or equivalent; Successful completion of admissions interview and entrance language assessment by the college;

International students, for language proficiency, require IELTS 5.5 band minimum or Canadian Language Benchmark Test level 6 or in house entrance language test with admission interview.

Program Duration

24.4 months / 105 weeks

Course Outline

CBA01 Introduction to Bookkeeping 80
DA01Business Communication 80
DA02 Principles of Economics 80
DA03 Business Law in Canada 80
DA04 Business Mathematics 80
DA05 Business Statistics 80
DA06 Introduction to Business Finance 80
DA07 Accounting Fundamentals-1 80
DA08 Accounting Fundamentals-2 80
DA09 Introduction to Management Accounting 80
DA10 Management Information System 80
DA11 Accounting on Software 1- Simply Accounting 80
DA12 Accounting on Software 2- QuickBooks 80
DAA01 Business Ethics 100
DAA02 Management Communication 100
CBA04 Taxation Management 80
CBA05 Canadian Payroll 80
DAA03 Financial Management 100
DAA04 Accounting for Assets 100
DAA05 Accounting for Liabilities 100
DAA06 Intermediate Managerial Accounting 100
DAA07 Accounts Payable Management 100
DAA08 Accounts Receivable Management 100
DAA09 Introduction to Auditing 100
Total 2100 hours

Fee Structure

1 Registration Fee $ 250 Domestic Students
2 Other Fee $ 250
3 Tuition Fee $ 13200
Total $ 13700
1 Registration Fee $ 250 International Students
2 Other Fee $ 250
3 Tuition Fee $ 20400
Total $ 20900


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