Why Study in BC

British Columbia is the most popular province in Canada for international students, and there are many good reasons why this is the case.

BC offers an incredible quality of life, highly-ranked educational institutions, and an education system that offers flexibility and innovation.


Exceptional Quality Education

BC institutions are consistently ranked among the best in the world. As well, BC is the only province in Canada which offers an “Education Quality Assurance” seal for post-secondary institutions which it endorses, giving international students confidence in the quality of the education being delivered.

The B.C. Transfer System

British Columbia offers the best credit transfer program in Canada, which enables students to commence studies at one school and transfer easily to another to complete their studies.

Incredible quality of life

BC is simply a wonderful place to live, offering dynamic, cosmopolitan cities, an incredible coastline, imposing mountains, and abundant recreational options.

Friendly, welcoming people

In BC, the people are friendly, welcoming, and helpful, and this is a very safe place to live. As well, the society is extremely diverse, with people from many countries, cultures, and ethnicities making up our vibrant, inclusive society.

Moderate Climate

BC has the mildest, most moderate climate in Canada, especially on the South Coast of the Lower Mainland, where summer temperatures range around 20°C, or higher, and winter temperatures rarely dip below freezing level.

More than 100,000 students from around the world are studying in BC and enjoying the benefits this province offers. Contact us to find out how you, too, can further your education in Beautiful British Columbia.