Growing Demand for Live-in Caregivers in Canada

December 22, 2018 Western Community College

A live-in caregiver or a ‘Nanny’ is someone who dedicates their career to a private family by providing care to one or more children while residing in their home. [...]

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The Never-Ending Demand of Office Administrators Makes It An Excellent Career Choice

September 16, 2018 Western Community College

Office administrators are an integral part of all offices. They help all the departments of the office to work efficiently in conjunction with each other. One of the main [...]

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The Medical Office Assistant Program at Western Community College

July 27, 2018 Western Community College

Have you ever wanted to work in healthcare? Then the Medical Office Assistant program at Western Community College might be right for you. Read below for some details about [...]

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Why Study An ESL Program In Vancouver

July 10, 2018 Western Community College

Those looking to improve their English should look no further than the ELS Program at Western Community College. The Metro Vancouver area is one of the most desirable places [...]

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Is a Pharmacy Assistant Career What You Are Looking For?

June 24, 2018 Western Community College

For those who have a keen interest in health care and science, who are looking for a job that can offer manageable hours with opportunities all over the country, [...]

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Is a Career as a Medical Office Administrator Is Right for You? 5 Ways to Know

June 3, 2018 Western Community College

Western Community College is one of British Columbia’s top higher educational institutions. At our campuses, located in the Metro Vancouver region, we offer some incredible courses geared toward helping [...]

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IT Courses at Western Community College

May 22, 2018 Western Community College

In today’s world, there is one area of study that will influence your future career and employment greatly, and that is Information Technology. Computers and technology are used in [...]

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Why Take an IELTS Course in Vancouver?

May 21, 2018 Western Community College

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is an exam that tests a person’s proficiency in the English Language. The results can be used to help obtain [...]

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3 Powerful Reasons You’ll Love the Diploma in Information Systems

April 24, 2018 Western Community College

If you’re the kind of person who wants to travel the world and have plenty of opportunities in your career, then a Diploma in Information Systems could be the [...]

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Why You Should Apply for a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

April 5, 2018 Western Community College

Do you love anything and everything about the world of business? Do you consider yourself a future mogul or entrepreneur? Have you already got a Bachelor’s Degree in one [...]

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