How to Know if a Medical Office Assistant Course is For You

Finding the right college course to suit you is a tough decision at the best of times. It means taking into account your goals, your experience, your needs, and your strengths. The Medical Office Assistant Course is highly sought after, and can lead to a very promising career path – but how can you know if it’s the right fit for you? In this article, we break down the main reasons for becoming a Medical Office Assistant, the benefits, and the considerations.

How to Know if a Medical Office Assistant Course is For You

You have a passion for health care

Having a passion for the medical profession is the number 1 reason to enter into the field. Everyone, from doctors and nurses to medical office assistants, plays an important role in caring for a patient, and making sure their needs are being met. If you’ve always been passionate about helping others, the Medical Office Assistant Course may be for you.

You have above average organizational skills

Being skilled at good organization is a key skill for the role. In a medical practice, great office assistants are relied on as a fount of information and support for a doctor, anda friendly face to patients. Those who can balance these tasks, along with displaying proficient computer skills, will excel in the role.

You are ambitious and flexible

As medical office assistants are in high demand throughout Canada, roles usually pay well and can be quite flexible. According to reports, those with experience can earn around $45k per year, while entry level pay averages at $33k a year. More than that, a medical office assistant course will qualify you to work in a number of areas including a physiotherapist’s office, a chiropractor’s office, and a family practice, so those seeking flexible hours will most likely be able to find something that suits.

You are eager to start in the work force

With options of both 23 and 28-week courses, Western Community College aims to ready students with the right qualifications and experience for a real-life job straight away. No add-ons or extras needed;it’s a valuable qualification that can be taken out into the world as soon as it’s complete.

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