Step Towards Your Next Career With WCC

BC is currently in the 3rd stage of re-opening its economy. As more and more business re-open their doors, a transition of working from home and back to the office and shared workspaces will happen, along with students to go back to school for the fall semester.

While the economy re-opens, some are waiting to hear if they will be able to go back to their jobs or even have a job to go back to. The reality is that we will all go back to a normal, or a new normal in the work environment. Finding that balance between work and home life is a struggle for most of us but having the training and skills you need for the career you want can be more of a challenge.

So, what are the options?

If you are stuck at home currently, waiting to hear if you will go back to your old job, then this maybe the best opportunity for you to go-back-school like so many are doing this Fall. You may never get another opportunity to have as much time on your hands as we currently have. This is your time and your chance to get the right education, training, and skills required to be qualified and be able to apply to that job you have been thinking of.

There are many in-demand jobs available in the marketplace:

Healthcare Assistant (HCA)

  • Joining the frontline health workers in 6 months by taking the HCA diploma

Pharmacy Assistant

  • Work in a pharmacy alongside the Pharmacist, program includes 120 hours of practicum

Dental Assistant

  • Get hired as a Dental Assistant in a dentist clinic and earn up to $30 per hour

All these jobs are high in-demand, rewarding, and well-paid if that is the career you are seeking. You can enroll in a program that is cost effective at Western Community College (WCC) to help you step towards a new career path.

It’s understandable if you are worry about having to travel away from home, then study online now from the comforts of home. All the programs are available online with exception of work-experiences at WCC. If work-experience is included in your program, then a careful, well-organized, and safe work placement will be coordinated for you, so you acquire the on-the-job training and experience you need.

Here at Western Community College, we provide a safe and welcoming learning environment. The programs are current and industry-based curriculum that are taught by instructors who themselves have worked in their fields with years of experience.  Valuable transferable skills are all part of the programs delivered in the programs at WCC.  Some of our programs are less than 6 months so you can work right after you finish your program. Our grads have a 97% success rate in finding job placements after graduation. Not to mention, we have flexible tuition payment plans. In addition, as part of our services, WCC helps our grads with resume writing, job searches, and preparation for interviews so they will be ready to apply to job openings.

Get more information from our program page, or call and connect with an admission advisor at Western Community College today to step towards your new career pathway.