This Vaisakhi drive away in a 2018 Kia Sorento

How to enter the contest

The RED FM Vaisakhi Car Contest (hereby referred to as “the contest”) will run from Saturday March 10th 2018 to Saturday April 21st 2018.

Contest entries will be accepted at all live-on location broadcasts before April 21st and at the Vancouver Vaisakhi and Surrey Vaisakhi events.

Contest entry without a bumper sticker: Any person confirming to our eligibility criteria mentioned below can register one contest entry ballot at each live-on location. No bumper sticker or vehicle necessary.

Bonus entries only for the driver of a vehicle: If you are the driver of your vehicle and replace your old RED FM bumper sticker with the new bumper sticker or put on a new bumper sticker, then you will receive an additional 3 contest entry ballots- to make the total of 4 entries. However, if you don’t want to replace your old RED FM bumper sticker, then, show us your vehicle with our old RED FM bumper sticker to receive one additional contest entry ballot to make a total of two entries.

A contestant can only register once per day with his/her vehicle. Contestants found registering their vehicles bumper sticker more than one time during the same live-on location will have all entries voided.

A Canadian Government issued Photo Identification is needed to enter the contest.

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