Dementia Care

Description Description

This program helps health care workers understand the complexity of Dementia and develop the skills required to support dementia care patients and their families. It will increase the student’s knowledge of dementia care, and help them to understand and manage the disruptive and abusive behaviors of their clients. This program will give the students the tools to effectively organize, administer and evaluate the care needed for persons experiencing cognitive health challenges.

Job Opportunities Job Opportunities

  • Health care assistant
  • Residential long term care facilities
  • Extended care facilities
  • Residential care aide
  • Assisted living facilities

Wages Wages

$17.88 – $23.80 per hour

Program Admission Requirements Program Admission Requirements

An applicant must be 19 years old or older, and must have successfully completed the Health Care Assistant or other health related regulated program.

Program Duration Program Duration

14 hours / 2 days

Fee Structure Fee Structure







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