NCAS Preparation for HCA

Description Description

NCAS Preparation for HCA Course is a preparatory course for individuals who wish to prepare their knowledge and skills in the field of health care. This course helps students prepare for the B.C Health Care Assistant competency assessment for internationally-educated health practitioners.

Job Opportunities Job Opportunities

After successful completion of this course and NCAS assessment, the students from this program will be able to work in Community Services or Health Care services, Community Health services.

Program Admission Requirements Program Admission Requirements

Successfully completed health care related certificate/diploma/degrees from recognized educational institution (Mandatory).

Have a Proof of English Language Skills according to Internationally Educated Health Care Professionals (IEHP) standards (Advisory).

Obtained current International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) or WES Comprehensive Evaluation Report (Advisory).

Program Duration Program Duration

72 hours   (Two Weeks Full time / Four weeks part time)

Course Outline Course Outline


  Course Content
Module 1
  1. Introduction to Canadian Health Care
  2. Care Culture in Canada
  3. Care Assistants’ Role and Responsibilities
  4. and Ethical Parameters of the HCA
  5. Care (Lab)
Module 2
  1. Concepts for Practice
  2. Basic Human Needs and Human Development
  3. Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  4. Role of Family, Culture, Diversity and Life Experience
Module 3
  1. Health and Determinants of Health
  2. Structure and Function of the Human Body
  3. Common Health Challenges
  4. Developmental Disabilities
Module 4
  1. Introduction to Plan of Care
  2. Interpersonal Communication
  3. Palliative Care (Lab)
  4. Cognitive and Mental Health Care including Demential and Delirium Care (Lab)
Module 5
  1. Written Documentation – Electronic/ Paper Client Chart and Emails
  2. Verbal Communication- Telephone and In-person Communication
  3. Computer Skills in accordance with Workplace Standards
  4. Health Care Terminology and Abbreviations
  5. Violence Prevention
Module 6
  1. Team Work, Delegation
  2. Nutrition
  3. Physical and Emotional Safety (Lab)
  4. Abuse
Module 7
  1. Responsibility, Accountability and Ethical Behavior
  2. NCAS CBA Assessment Preparation
Module 8
  1. SLA Assessment Preparation
  2. Oral Assessment Preparation
Module 9
  1. Comprehensive Assessment Preparation

Fee Structure Fee Structure

1 Registration Fee $250
2 Tuition Fee $700
Total $950

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